Client: TwoFour54

We’re thrilled to show you our latest project for preschoolers: Driver Dan’s Story Train. We were commissioned by TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi to create an immersive story world where you get to join Driver Dan and his friends and play in a unique, web-only storyline.

Driver Dan invites you to climb aboard the Story Train to meet all his friends. You can then help each of them to prepare for Driver Dan’s birthday – but make sure you don’t tell him what you’re up to! In Present Pile Up you have to arrange Dan’s presents by copying the formation revealed by Counting Sheep, all before Tallulah sneezes and they tumble down again. In Ready Steady Go, you have to collect all the party hats, streamers and balloons by driving The Vrooms around to collect them: look out for the puddles of paint! Finally, you can help Loopy and Sweetie to make a cake by waving your arms around in your webcam to coat the cake with sugared almonds, bananas and gloopy green icing. Each episode of the show concludes in Story Corner, and we felt it was really important to replicate this experience online. There’s a storybook full different stories featured on the show, but the most important story is the one that features you and tells the tale of your adventure on the Driver Dan website, giving that “again again” moment that is so crucial to reinforcing experiences for young children.

As you may have noticed, a lot of the projects we’ve been working on recently have been exploring the cross-pollination of narrative, animation and interactivity and we feel that this project is the closest we’ve come to producing a completely interactive cartoon. We developed it very closely with 3 Line Media who also produced the TV series. In collaboration we created a new storyline composed of linear and interactive segments and centred on the characters arranging a birthday party for Driver Dan. This was written by the original series writers and voiced by talent such as Peter Serafinowicz. A Productions produced the animated segments and we placed them within a real-time 3D universe. The unique style of the animation enabled us to create a really coherent feel to the website where story and gaming pass seamlessly between one another. Just perfect for a brand whose main focus is Story Play.


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