Client: Nick Jr

Nick Jr. USA asked us to make an HTML5 game to accompany the launch of the exciting new Paw Patrol Air Patroller toy, and the Pups’ brand new flight suits.

PAW Patrol: Air Patroller is a side-scrolling flying game in which the player pilots Marshall, Rubble and the eponymous Air Patroller through three exciting, colourful and sometimes perilous locations! Collect objects, avoid hazards, collect speed boosts and do pawsome barrel rolls to save the day!

In Level 1, the player takes control of the Air Patroller, collecting pup treats and avoiding pelicans and whales in order to reach the island where a group of monkeys are trapped. Upon arrival, the player must feed Rubble and Marshall pup treats to give them energy ready for their monkey-saving mission!

In Level 2, Marshall takes flight next, flying through the jungle, collecting bananas for the monkeys whilst avoiding parrots and flying squirrels. Colliding with any creatures provokes a comedy sound effect, which caused much hilarity during kid-testing. As is the Plug-in way, we always make the game fun to fail so the player feels rewarded for exploring the limits of the game. This level concludes by feeding the gathered bananas to the monkeys.

This formula repeats itself in the final level, with Rubble collecting rocks with which to block off the volcano, which is imminently threatening the island. Here the game creates a sense of gentle peril, with Rubble avoiding erupting volcanoes and clouds of ash! The final mini game sees the player blocking off the volcano and saving the day!

It was brilliant to work with the Paw Patrol brand in HTML5 again, following our incredibly popular Pup-Fu game last year.  


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